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Your Business Success 


Program Outline

Our easy Seven-Step Coaching Success Program will help you to reach your goals and reap the rewards.

Take the guesswork out of your business decisions.

Have you ever wondered why some businesses limp along from day to day, while others grow into substantial and extraordinarily profitable operations?


Friend Business Coaching and Consulting works with managers and owners of small and medium businesses to get great results that we guarantee.

Our philosophy is simple; a business should be in a ‘sale-ready’ condition whether you intend to sell it or not. This simply means that the business is working well, has happy staff and customers, is profitable, has opportunities for growth and is not overly dependant on you for day to day operations. Our business coaches and this package can help you to permanently fix your current business problems and get you running the business you’ve always dreamed of running.

Our one of a kind business coaching success program is the most efficient, professional and affordable way to improve your business knowledge and get results. Don’t waste any more time guessing. Learn the secrets of business success from Australia’s most accomplished business women and men.


What’s included in the simple 7 Step Program?

Your Business Success for Women program provides the guidance as well as the tools to help you to build a successful business. 

It includes;

Success Workbook: The 165-page program guide includes step-by-step guides, checklists & more. Follow the workbook to success.

Software: The workbook is great but it is all just fluff unless it is implemented. That is why the program is built around a powerful software program to lock in your performance. The modules include KPI Dashboard, Project Planning, Document Management, Performance management modules and more. Includes license rights for up to 10 of your staff or contractors to use the software.