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Publishing your book offers you the opportunity to lift your profile, gain media exposure and publicity, become the expert in your industry and attract customers.

 Bev Friend has been working with professionals, corporate speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners and health practitioners for many years to create, package and custom publish the best book to suit their needs and reach their target market.

At Friend Coaching and Consulting we can offer an affiliate program to publish your book or learn how to create your manuscript

We can also get you started with a Publish for SUCCESS® weekend workshop. In just two days you will learn how to write your book in 10 easy steps and in just 10 days and take the mystery out of publishing.
 Becoming a published author is easy with the professional specialist affiliates, who will produce a high-quality book for you that will differentiate you and your business.

Ask us how?

Show some of the books published in the past:

  • Marketing without money – De Bono
  • Thrillionaire – Nick Hallik
  • Business Olympian
  • Sales Success
  • Sailing to the Moon
  • Rocket Science
  • Barry Bull
  • Values for Success