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DISC ADVANCED is the worlds most advanced behavioural analysis tool, able to provide practical, useable information to advance you and your team. Common applications include: Leadership Development, Team Building, Communication and Sales Training, Customer service Training, Coaching and Conflict Resolution and most importantly getting the best from your most important asset, your team. The DISC ADVANCED suite of Assessments is able to provide individual assessments, pair assessments (two people compared on 1 report) and team assessments.

Improve the performance of your team by investing in DISC ADVANCED.

Clients Say

“Dear Bev, It was great to meet you and I enjoyed our working session together. The information was a lot to take in but you delivered it in an easy to understand fashion, which helped me take it away from the class room and employ it in my role as State Sales Manager.

Since we last met I have put into practice the DISC learning’s as well as the time management principles you gave me. Not only is my management of people improved, but now I am on top of managing my time and my work life balance has improved. My direct reports now give me compliments on how I listen more and understand them. The goal setting was so good I encouraged some of my team to use it as well. It’s a great feeling when one of my team tells me that they have completed one of their goals”.

John Wickam, State Sales Manager | Australian Vintage


“I gained further clarity on how to interact with the different team members and dynamics to get the best out of working together, and to increase my personal performance. I’d highly recommend this kind of training to individuals in all organisations at all levels and to managers of teams”. 

Suzanne Schuitman, Sales Specialist | The Big Issue


“After implementing DISC ADVANCED®, sales increased 30% and staff retention is 100% after 18 months. Everyone should be using DISC ADVANCED®.”

Tim Roberts, Managing Director


“Many thanks for your coaching and assistance in the DISC Workshop on the Gold Coast. Your notes and slides made the process easy to follow. The response to the reports and the learning was very positive, with high interest, great questions and a huge shift in understanding and lots of ahah moments. The team members appreciated the quality of the reports and could not believe how accurate they are in relation to their preferences and situations. Thanks once again.”

David Langdon, Manager Leadership & HR Strategy


“With DISC ADVANCED® I now better understand how to manage to get the best performance from my team.”
Greg Edwards, Regional Sales Manager


“I can’t believe you got that much information from the questionnaire and how accurate it is.”
Tim Greig, IT Manager