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Keeping up with current legislation and compliance is one of the most difficult and challenging things for small and medium sized business.  Women in BuisnessHQ have access to the latest in HR policies and procedures, it’s your HQ for your compliance an governance needs.

A Friend Business Coach can provide a MAUS Policies Manager as a module within the MAUS Hub which allows you to manage your documentation. With a wide range of manuals covering the Fair Work Act, Policies & Procedures, Health & Safety (AS/NZS 4801), Quality Assurance (ISO 9001), and Environmental Planning (14001). This will enable  you will be able to use them as templates in the Policies Manager to reduce the amount of time it takes to create and manage your policy and compliance related manuals.

The policies are up-to-date with easy to use templates that can be customised for your business.  Ask us how to access them for your business.