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“Have been with Business Coach Bev Friend for only a few months. We have already seen a great change and can testify this is worth doing. On top of the visible changes, it is clear Bev cares for us as individuals and for our business. She goes above and beyond every time, my business partner was skeptical at first, but she has managed to swing even him around! I look forward to a long future with Bev”.

“Thank you Bev! I really enjoyed today’s session and appreciate all your helpful insights and tips. I can tell your business is inspired from your heart and shaped by the ‘why’ factor.
Please stay in touch! Women’s networks are so empowering.”
Warm regards,



“Thank you so much for generously sharing your insights as well as information in the attachments. It was great today to meet like minded people and have opportunity to reflect on my own business and learn from others”



Hi Bev, thanks so much for today. We came out of the day with some fantastic ideas and I’ve had really good feedback from the team.

Tamara, MD Ray White Croyden


“Dear Bev, It was great to meet you and I enjoyed our working session together. The information was a lot to take in but you delivered it in an easy to understand fashion, which helped me take it away from the class room and employ it in my role as State Sales Manager.

Since we last met I have put into practice the DISC learning’s as well as the time management principles you gave me. Not only is my management of people improved, but now I am on top of managing my time and my work life balance has improved. My direct reports now give me compliments on how I listen more and understand them. The goal setting was so good I encouraged some of my team to use it as well. It’s a great feeling when one of my team tells me that they have completed one of their goals.

But the real reason I am writing to you is to thank you for the impact you have had on my personal life. I went to your session thinking it was going to be all about how to be a better manager, however, the relationships I have outside of work with my family have improved substantially. I now have more quality time at home and actually listen to my family when I come home from work because I understand their disc profile.

So yes, I am a better manager, but more importantly I am a better father & husband to my children and wife. Very grateful to have met you Bev and I would like to see you again”.

John Wickam, State Sales Manager – Australian Vintage Ltd